Hi. I'm Sil. Newborn. Exploring the Universe. One tumblr at a time. :]
I'm just your coke drinking, corny joke making, speed racing, bar hopping, Muse adoring, grammar nazing, sleep loving, lactose intolerating, all sorts of music dancing, food eating, ear wearing, cat meowing, black nail polish obsessing, unpurchasable item stealing, World of Warcraft playing, breath wheezing, picture taking, Beetle driving, movie watching, master debating, pain enduring, fuck bomb blurting, edm listening, raving, kandi making, ecstasy taking, weed smoking foot in mouth syndrome having kind of girl.

I'm in love with my best friend. We've had some intense times emotionally having to jump through some not so pleasant hoops to be together, but we've finally gotten into a groove. Everyday I wake up next to him and I couldn't ask for more happiness.